News & Blog May 2023

The smell of fresh cut grass

The smell of fresh cut grass in the morning is something only golfers can understand. It excites our senses and like Pavlov’s dogs, it prepares our brains for an activity we all enjoy. 

That smell has been sewage for the past few months, as many of our neighbors can testify. But with Hidralia nearing the end of their project there will finally be some closure in these problems faced by the community. 

Delayed a little, yes. What would be a state project without delays, however I can confirm they have been trying their best with what was a rather optimistic time frame for such a big job. I have been advised they are looking at 3 weeks to finish, let’s hope they can achieve that.

The photo above shows the entrance to course as of May 4th. From this moment on the connections will be made and the repairs will start. Fortunately, we only have to replace rough areas on the first hole which will be done by springing.

The 8th Hole “Deadwood”

Deadwood, the name given to hole 8 because of the remnants of the old olive tree in the bunker, was literally left for dead by the wild boar last year. We are happy to report that the green has grown strong and the surrounding areas are recovering very well with the spring weather. 

A metal fence was installed last year which will hopefully stop access to these creatures from the adjacent riverbed. It has taken a lot of work and patience to repair this area, so it is of vital importance the barrier does its job. Together with hole 7 (below), it is a pretty, although small part of the course and especially important for our neighbors in Lunymar and Vistas. We have also been cutting the trees and bushes to enhance the aesthetics of the area.

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