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Let the games begin

Finally we can officially say WE ARE OPEN. It’s not at 100% yet, I would be honest and give it 80%, but the work we’ve put in recovering the grass over the last year can be noticed.

There is still a list as long as my arm of jobs to do, but the primary objective was to provide a place to play golf once again. As you can see from the photo above, taken last week, no photoshop, the EGGS (Estepona Gentlemen’s Golfing Society) are enjoying their golf once again on a Tuesday morning.

The 4th Hole “Bosque”

Hole 4 gets its name from its location amongst the pine forests in the most northern part of the golf course. However beautiful that sounds, it is a design nightmare of a hole. A combination of factors, shade, roots under the green and lack of air circulation make this a difficult place for healthy grass. 

We are trying to recuperate this area with various grasses known for their toughness. Three hundred m2 of Bermuda Tifway 419 has been turfed to form the majority of the surface where the green will be located as far right as possible to avoid the shade. This grass, although not ideal for putting, is very drought and disease tolerant, much tougher than a dwarf grass. 

The surrounding area is now seeded with a mixture of Sahara Bermuda and a shade tolerant grass which should provide coverage under those pines. We plan to clear and expand the right side of the hole as much as possible to increase the width of the hole and promote air circulation. If all goes well we’ll be playing hole 4 after the summer. 

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