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Sewage Works Underway

Finally, we are happy to report, the Hidralia works have commenced. Even better news is that they will not go through the middle of the new 1st teeing ground as originally planned. Diverting instead through the rough areas will mean less of an effect on the golf course, less repairs and sooner golf for us.

We plan to open the clubhouse for business on Friday 31st of March, the start of the Easter holidays. Food will be available from 9.00am until 9.00pm and include our new breakfast menu. 

We are currently cleaning the balconies and renovating the front terrace (as seen in the photo below, Ken hard at work.) This is a popular spot during the spring months with the warm sun shining there all day long. It’s something we had planned last year but didn’t get the chance to do, so now we are taking the opportunity. Many thanks to Ken, Jo & Peter for their help with this.

Golf Course

We are trying as hard as we can to get the holes not affected by the sewage works open for Easter as well. This will be the section from hole 3 to hole 8. It will be exclusively for members and guests though, we can’t officially open until the machinery is clear and it’s safe to do so.

I have been asked various questions over the last month, I’ll try to address a few of them here.

Q: What has happened to the greens? They look dead or dry.

A: The greens, especially holes 1 and 2, are pure bermuda grass. Bermuda enters into a dormant state when the temperature is below 18º. It turns a browny-yellow and doesn’t grow. In fact we didn’t cut them for 5 weeks throughout February because of the extreme cold (for the Costa Del Sol). These greens are sometimes kept “green” by courses using fertilizers and paint (that’s correct, they paint them). However, this is an unnecessary expense if the course is closed. Now with the warmer weather they will soon change colour and look healthy once more. 

Q: What’s happening with the 4th hole?

A: We have been killing and cleaning the area around the green (this is brown and dry) and will shortly seed new grass. A bermuda hybrid will be used, not the best for a putting surface but it will be a good option to survive the harsh conditions in this area of the course. It will start as a temporary green but as soon as we can we’ll open the complete hole. 

Q: Has it been maintained, it looks abandoned?

A: Yes. We’ve been regularly cutting tees and fairways to keep them healthy. The scruffy look comes from the rough which has been left. This was done for two reasons; firstly, to let the grass grow to recover areas damaged by the wild boar. Secondly, it’s rather expensive to maintain a golf course in “playing condition,” and not necessary over the last few months. The photos below shows the state of the course as of March 12th. After trimming the rough a little, it will be as beautiful as ever.

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