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Delayed Sewage Works

Our sincere apologies, but we have to report that the sewage works, as of writing, is yet to be started. The date has been delayed twice for reasons out of our control, however it is looking imminent, hopefully as soon as next week. 

Currently there is an overflow of sewage running down the buggy path on hole 2 and filtering down on to the fairway of hole 1. This is not only illegal but also a serious health risk, hence why we can’t open the golf course for play. 

We have seen the final plans and they will start the process on the road by the clubhouse and travel along the entrance to the first hole. At the same time they will be connecting the rain waterways from the new development opposite the clubhouse. All of this will cause a major disruption to the area around the clubhouse.

Membership Extension

Because of these recent delays we have taken the decision to extend all memberships an extra 3 months. Hoping all goes to plan, membership will be valid until the end of March. If the time frame of the works isn’t met, we will adjust it accordingly.

These coming months will give us the opportunity to finish work we had planned on the golf course and the clubhouse so everything is ready to open as soon as possible.

New Video

Video #10 of our renovation project is now available. It’s titled “Odd Jobs” and highlights a few of the works we carried out during 2022 which didn’t make it into their own video. Just click on the image above to view – we hope you enjoy it.

New Website

Just because we are temporarily closed it doesn’t mean the work has stopped. We have been working on the new
It’s not fully operational yet, but you are welcome to click on what is ready and have a look. We are planning an app for members using the latest in what technology has to offer. This will hopefully make seeing news, reserving and entering competitions very easy and all accessible through your mobile.  Please note that future newsletters will be sent from Thank you for your patience through this difficult time. We are doing everything we can to bring La Resina back to its former glory and be the club you expect it to be.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon
Kind Regards
Dean & Gema

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