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Merry Christmas from La Resina

On behalf of everyone here at La Resina Golf & Country Club, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Thank you again for the support and patience during 2022, hopefully the year that will go down in history as the rebirth of La Resina.

Recent Work

Work has started on the reparation and clean up of hole 8. The green has matured fairly well considering the time of year, however there has been a lot of boar damage to repair.

We have also given the teeing area a good “hair cut” and cleaned away all of the underbrush to reveal once again the path and stone walls. With the planting of shrubs and flowers this zone will be vibrant with colour come spring.

Tee Markers

The new tee markers have arrived and we began installing them on each hole. Fallen pine trees on the course have been given a new purpose, they were cut, varnished and fixed in concrete stone foundations resulting in a professional looking monument for every tee.

Good News – Sewage Connections

Finally, it seems, we have made some progress with the sewage and water problems in the area. Many of the properties in the urbanisation have been affected by this for many years and with the addition of more being built, pressure has amounted to solve the problems as soon as possible.

The golf course suffers also, with dirty sewage water escaping the pipe system and entering holes 1, 2 and 3. Waterways to filter rain water are not installed either, resulting in landslides each time it rains. 

The developers in the area, along with the town hall and the golf club have been working together to get this fixed. The works are scheduled to start directly after Christmas and will result in a reformed system for the La Resina residents and a “smell free” golf course to play on.

Bad News – Temporarily Closed

Because these works are going to affect almost half of the golf course and the area surrounding the clubhouse, we have taken the decision to close the business until further notice. There is no confirmation yet of the date the work is due to be completed, but it is predicted to be in February ready for the golf season to begin.

The golf course will remain open for play until December 27th, a which point the holes and flags will be removed in preparation for the entrance of the machinery. From this point it is important for safety and legal reasons that the course remains empty. 

Maintenance work will continue on the course during the whole process so we can have a full 9 holes ready to enjoy as soon as possible. We will also take this opportunity for staff to take holiday and carry out some planned renovations with the clubhouse.

We apologise for the temporary disruption, but hope you understand this work is long overdue and will hopefully solve long term problems for our residents in the area.

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