News & Blog December 2023

Ho Ho Ho & Merry Christmas

Wishing you warm festive greetings from us all here at La Resina Golf & Country Club. Thank you for all of your support during 2023. It was a rocky start to the year, but it did fix some long standing problems for the golf course. However, once we got going the club has gone from strength to strength, now registering 91 members as of writing. 

The golf course itself is closing in on its primary objectives and now during the slow growing season it will give us chance to finish other jobs we have planned.

One of these jobs has been the renovation of tee 8, starting with the building of a retaining wall around the lower tee. The ground here was in very bad condition, we removed it (for use elsewhere) and built the wall making a more organised and clean impression.

That removed earth (above) found its way to the putting green. This area with the wooden sleepers has always been a question mark to what it was supposed to be. To solve the problem we built another wall and flower bed which frames the putting green beautifully with a nice rustic look.

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