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How La Resina Golf & Country Club was brought back to life

The year 2021 was a tough year for La Resina. The previous business was closed and for the majority of the year the golf course was abandoned. A faulty irrigation system only compounded the problems and resulted in loss of the grass and playing surfaces for golf.

In the spring of 2022 we embarked on the monumental task of renovating the entire course. This included; new greens, bunkers and tees, as well as fixing the problems with irrigation. It’s been a long journey with a limited budget, but we documented every step in videos.


Below you can see how it was achieved.

Video Documentaries

#11 Odd Jobs - Part 2

Second part of the “Odd Jobs” video highlighting some more of the work that was done during 2022. In this video we are top-dressing greens, turfing tees and making new tee markers

#10 Odd Jobs - Part 1

In this video we highlight a few of the jobs that were carried out during the year which didn’t have their own video.

#9 Fencing & Wild Boar

Wild boar is a growing problem for golf courses in recent years. The only solution currently is to protect your land.

#8 Turfing Time

Greens 1 and 2 failed to grow so we had to bring in the turf. With the help of our great community, watch how everyone comes together to make a difference.

#7 Problems Along The Way

It’s never smooth sailing all the way with any plans you make. In this video we explain a few of the problems we’ve had so far.

#6 Progress On The Greens

A few weeks on from seeding the greens, and a few million litres of water later, let’s see if they have started to grow…

#5 Greens Seeding

In this video we document the final preparations and seeding of the greens.

#4 New Sand For Bunkers

Now the bunkers are clean, cut and ready – it’s time to distribute the 100m2+ of sand to their new home.

#3 Greens Preparation

In this video we explain the process we used to remove as much of the weed and old grass as possible from the greens prior to seeding.

#2 Bunker Preparation

Before bringing in new sand for the bunkers we had to re-model the existing ones. Seems like a straight forward job, but multiply it by 20 and it’s a big one.

#1 Lakes Clean Up

The seemingly impossible task of cleaning the lakes. Somewhere under all that growth lays the borders, let’s see if we can find them…