News & Blog October 2022

Recent Work

After the endless pig hunting (which is still in progress) we have planned for November:

  • Preparation of hole 8, we have performed the last fertilizing of green 8 which is growing strong (see photo below). Soon we will begin to lower the height of cut to establish a putting surface. Repairing the boar damage and bunkers along with a general clean up is next on the list.
  • Green hole 9, is showing growth too and we have re-turfed the new half again – fingers crossed the pigs don’t destroy it, when they get in this is their favorite spot.
  • A new machine has arrived to maintain the rough and a consistent level.
  • Installing the rest of the tee markers. We are waiting on the RFEG to assess the course and give us the official distances.
  • Organizing the fleet of new buggies.
  • Clean up of buggy paths.

Seeding Rye Grass

The bare patches visible on the course became noticeable towards late summer because the winter grass (mainly poa) died off in the heat. We have worked all spring/summer to get as much coverage as possible of the summer grasses which were very sparse after the disaster of 2021.

However, now temperatures are dropping we will overseed with annual ryegrass which should bring a nice green colour back during the winter months. Come spring, as the summer grasses wake up from their sleep, we will continue treatment to hopefully avoid the same problems next year.  

A Shocking Report

Electric Fencing Now Live

We have postponed much of the work we had scheduled during September because of the continued rampaging from the wild boar in the area. These animals get desperate at this time of the year because of the lack of water and food in the mountains and head down here to our little paradise to satisfy themselves. Unfortunately, the golf course to them is like MacDonald’s to a child and they leave it in a state worse than a birthday party in said restaurant.  
The only way to stop it long term is to install fencing around the whole course, which is well over 2km long, so as you can imagine, it’s taken some time and effort.  
Holes 1-6 & 9 have now been completed, we are starting on 7 & 8 next week.  The aluminum wire will be charged most of the time, it carries pulsating currents of up to 6,000V – SO DON’T TOUCH IT if I must state the obvious.

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