News & Blog June 2022

New Ladies/Junior Tee

Don’t be alarmed by the brown fairway – we refrained from watering for two weeks because we had to bring in dumper trucks to move all of the earth that had fallen down from the adjacent development. We used some of this earth to construct a new forward teeing ground (the sanded area in the picture above). 

Due to the redesign because of the new houses, the 1st is a 200m par 3 from the back tee. We needed to make a shorter option for the red and blue tees. 

We have just laid 200m2 of new turf on the teeing grounds. This will give us at least half a tee that is usable with the new grass whilst the other areas are sprigged and grow in.

A new video will be posted soon highlighting some of the jobs we’ve been undertaking. As always, you can find them on the links below.

The BIG Question

When will we open?

As a team we have to realize that it will take the rest of the year into next spring to achieve everything we set out to do. This includes not only the total reparation of the grass, but also new junior tees, a netted warm up area, starter’s hut, the continuing sewage problem in the area and new official federation tee markers on every tee. 

But we want to play golf, also the business needs to run. So we have set the objective for 20th August as an opening day for the members. This date will be confirmed shortly with an official invitation and we hope if you are here on the coast you can join us for a small celebration on what will be a milestone in the return of La Resina Golf & Country Club. 

Thank you for your support and patience.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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