Hole In One Club

A hole in one is like winning the lottery - for most it's just a dream

But for those who get lucky we have a dedicated page so you can show the world

Jamie Baker - 12th May 2024

Jamie made the first hole in one of 2024, playing with his son, he used a 7 iron on our hardest hole #5. 100m over water, one bounce – a little roll and in she goes. Congratulations Jamie

Jake Doubleday - 4th August 2023

10 year old Jake didn’t have to wait long for his first hole in one, playing with his big brother and father on hole 4

Graham Ford - 22nd July 2023

Graham scored his hole in one during the Hole 19 Society competition on hole 4

Colin Martin - 13th June 2023

Our first hole in one since reopening, Colin scored an ace on hole 2 whilst playing the EGGS Society competition